About Us

It all started with a crowded Starbucks…

MeetSuites was born from a need to find no-strings-attached, face-to-face space to meet with design clients, for a team that works very well remotely. A few of those clients were business coaches and bloggers desperately trying to find places to hold classes, masterminds, and small conferences. We dug into our database to find spaces that might fit their needs. The rest, as they say, is history. Today, MeetSuites is a boutique marketing company serving boutique venues, with an app forthcoming to support that service. We connect savvy professionals with unique and inspiring spaces, and we’d love to meet you.

Built with love in all over Greater Atlanta.

We know people

Our connections to local planners, promoters, and speakers give you a built-in source of leads from our network.

We know systems

From your email system to your venue management platform, our team’s expertise is primed to make your business more efficient, delightful, and profitable.

We know the web

25 years of geeking out on how the web works and connecting with the people behind the interface. And we break it all down in plain English in our consultations and our workshops.


We'd love to know YOU

Ready to move your event business forward? Let’s talk! Call us at (470) 239-2160 or shoot us an email at hello@meetsuites.co.

Do more with your venue. We can help.