Startup Swag Meets Freelance Flexibility Downtown

by | Dec 15, 2017 | SuiteStories

Exposed brick walls, and a bit of “take it easy” make Post-Office Cowork’s Downtown Atlanta location a hot property in the middle of everything.

If you happen to be looking for a designer workspace that will give your biz besties office envy, we’ve got a place for you. We’ve got the Holy Grail of flexibility, a MARTA station across the street, and a cute cafe, too. Seriously.

The newest poster child for Atlanta’s trendy coworking scene is neatly ensconced a lovely brick building across the street from Underground Atlanta. Post-Office Cowork takes industrial style and kicks it up several notches, with Mid-Century-inspired furnishings complementing the de rigueur exposed brick and concrete floors. Open workspace, semi-private nooks for quick jam sessions, and enclosed rooms for more private meetings are all readily available. Beware of the couch rooms, though, if you intend to be productive.¬†There are flatscreens in several private rooms, along with a few more collaborative hotdesk rooms that don’t intrude on the overall quiet, focused vibe.

What makes Post-Office even more attractive, is its flexible work policy. There is no “membership” to speak of, you purchase passes for the days you need – that’s it. If you’re having a meeting, you can pay by the hour to reserve the room, and purchase only the passes you need for the attendees you actually have. For organizers planning small workshops or masterminds, this flexibility can be a godsend. You may purchase passes online ahead of time, or just drop in at the cafe as you grab your tasty beverage (and pastries!) on the way upstairs.

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